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    After playing so much games and knowing so many heroes, did you ever wonder if one day you could collect all of them and let them fight altogether? In 《Hero Buster》, your dream will come true.

    Unlike any other games, 《Hero Buster》 combines Card, RPG, and Strategy gameplay which provides you a whole new experience on mobile devices. You are going to collect more than 300 famous heroes from real Japanese, Chinese and western history and try to save the world from chaos.
    《Hero Buster》 has a very unique way of control and it's really simple and intuitive. You are able to form a team of 6 characters including one of your friends in each battle and trigger attack of each hero by "a single tap" on him. Moreover, heroes are all equipped with unique skill that can be cast by sliding finger upward - as easy as a pie.

    Game Features:
    ◎ More than 300 famous heroes come from ancient China, Japan Sengoku, and western warring state will fight for you.
    ◎ Splendid visual effect when you cast attack and skills in a battle.
    ◎ Rich in-game events guaranteed you'll never be bored for all day long.
    ◎ We got the best operation team to ensure you get the best service.

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    ●【Hero Summon】

    Hero Summon has “Rare summon” and ” Friend summon".

    Rare summon: Spend diamond to get 3★+ rare hero!

    Friend summon: Spend friend point(FP) to summon all type of hero, and you may also get enhance material!

    ●【Story mode】

    In story mode, you can get experience, money, item and heroes.

    Each stage has two heroes that you can get. And each boss has a chance to drop rare equipment. Do not forget to equip your powerful equipment!

    When you finish each stage you will get clearance reward of 50 diamond!

    ●【Hero mode】

    You can consider hero mode as an advanced story mode, and it's more difficult and  challenging!

    If you successfully pass hero mode, you will get more powerful heroes and equipment!

    ●【Hero Enhance】

    1. You can use enhance to upgrade the character level and ability value.
    Enhance needs to consume your heroes (maximum four heroes at a time) and gold.
    There are different enhance results and each represents: success(exp x1) / big success (exp x1.5) / super success (exp x2).
    2. If you put same hero to enhance, it will get "Level Break (LB)" and the hero’s ability value will be upgraded

    ●【Hero Evolve】

    You can use Evolve to upgrade hero’s star level and it requires evolve material (like Cat, Spirit, Rat…).

    Each hero can be evolved only once.

    ●【Gear Enhance】

    Each enhance level have different success rate.

    Gear +1~+3 have 100% success rate
    Gear +4 and above has a chance to fail
    Gear +6 and above has a chance to downgrade

    Stable stone is used to prevent downgrade

    Use +0 gear as enhance material, every success will increase 1 enhance level.

    Please note, different quality gear will have a different enhance cap!

    ●【Player V.S. Player (PVP)】

    This is where heroes fight! Remember to assemble a powerful team and adjust the members according to the enemy you fight against!

    Each time when you fight will consume 1 Arena point. Arena Point will be recovered by 1 every hour.

    Winner will gain score to rank up and get score reward; but loser will lose score.

    Here is a helpful tip: Attribute decides everything in the arena.

    ●【Infinite Tower】

    You are able to enter Infinite Tower at Level 15. Infinite tower is a place to challenge yourself and earn exp, gold, and rewards!

    You will gain 3 Run Point every day.

    Win : floor +1, gold, exp and Tower Points (TP)

    Lose : floor-10, lose 1 Run Point.


    Send hero on adventure to earn exp and earn all kinds of rewards!!

    Depending on the location you go, you will receive different exp and rewards.

    Gold: get bonus gold card

    Exp: get bonus exp card

    Material: get bonus material card

    Gear: get bonus gear card

    ●【Daily Event】

    Every day there is one special event to help your heroes become stronger. You can play the same event repeatedly.

    Monday: Spirit Beasts (Normal evolve material - Beast Ranch)
    Tuesday: Gear Ground (Weapon! Armor!! - Gear master's inventory)
    Wednesday: Beast Paradise (Advance evolve material - Beast paradise)
    Thursday: Hall of Trail (Experience)
    Friday: Cat Hunting (Experience)
    Saturday: Golden Beasts (Gold)
    Sunday: Golden Beasts (Gold)

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