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Introduction of reward points
Introduction of reward points
As long as you have Ucube membership, you will get reward points if your accumulation of topup meets the following appointed amount.
Golden member

Diamond member

Earl member
VIP level Monthly topup 33.33~99.99 USD Monthly topup 100~999.99 USD Monthly topup more than 1000 USD
The rebate of reward points (Round Up) Accumulated topup(NTD) *5% Accumulated topup(NTD) *8% Accumulated topup(NTD) *10%
Example Example:
Exchange rate between USD and NTD in the example is 1:30.
1.Michelle topped up 33.33 USD totally in March, her reward points= 33.33x30x 5%=50(points)。
2.Jerry topped up 999.99 USD totally in April, his reward points=999.99x30x8%=2,400(points)。
3.Darwin topped up 1000 USD in May, his reward points=1000 x30x10%=3,000(points)。
Rule Rule:
1.You will get the reward points for the previous month on every 1st
2.Reward points can be transferred to other Ucube mobile games, and the rate is 1 reward point:
(Umore->reward points exchange->transfer ingame money->choose game, server, ingame name) Go to transfer
3.The maximum of being transferred in one single game for ALL players is 80000 points for the month; the maximum of transferring to one single game is 3000 points for EACH player for the month.
4.Reward points can be exchanged for items. Go to exchange
5.Reward points can be used to attend special events in Umore, like lottery. Go to attend
6.Because the currency is NTD, the accumulated topup will be floating with exchange rate. Therefore, the amount of reward points will be different.
Expiration Expiration:
1.Reward points acquired during 1/1-6/30 should be used before 12/31 23:59 in the same year.
2.Reward points acquired during 7/1-12/31 should be used before 6/30 23:59 in the next year.
3.Please note that reward points will be invalid after the end of expiry date.
Notice Notice:
1.One single VIP account can only get reward points once in a month.
2.Top up means to purchase ingame money through Ucube website or “VIP topup channel” .
3.The amount of topup through Google and iOS will not be counted, so please top up through Ucube website or “VIP topup channel”.
● The process of topup through website: http://m.ucube.mobi/topupMain.aspx
Login -> Top up -> choose game & server -> choose way of topup
● Exclusive topup method for VIP:
Please see ingame scrolling text or announcement in event board and contact our VIP specialist on LINE or What’s app.
4.You have to bind your game account with Ucube account so that you can get reward points in the next month.
5.You will lose reward points if you have not bound your game account with Ucube account after the end of the month. The accumulated topup will be counted after you bound your game account with Ucube account.
Member Birthday Gift Bonus
Member Birthday Gift Bonus
VIP members in their birthday month, who top up through Ucube website or VIP specialist, will get the qualification of “Birthday Area” and “triple reward points”!
  1. As long as you fill in your birthday when you registered for Umore, you will be qualified to exchange reward points with a special discount in your birthday month. Go to exchange
    Please fill in your personal info in Umore and get a mysterious gift from us! Go to fill in
  2. The amount of topup will be counted if you top up any Ucube mobile game for the month.
  3. Transferring ingame money by reward points will not be counted.
  4. You can attend other reward points events at the same time. Top up more, get more reward points!
  5. Rebate of reward points will be given on the 1st next month.
  6. You have to bind game account with Ucube account and also fill in birthday before you top up in your birthday month; in this way, you can get reward points on the 1st next month.
  7. If you are late for your birthday month or fill in/ revise your birthday afterwards, the birthday bonus will not be sent again.
  8. You have only one chance to fill in your birthday. Please contact our customer service center if you have any question.
    Customer service center email: mobile-int@unalis.com.tw
  9. If you apply for revising your birthday before your birthday, it will be valid after the revision as well as get birthday bonus; however, if you apply for it after your birthday, it will be valid in the next year.
Exclusive Service for VIP Member
Exclusive Service for VIP Member
Special rewards for new-released games, VIP Party
Special rewards for new-released games:
  1. Those who are qualified to be VIP will get 50~150 USDworth item codes for the new game, which makes you experience it and also win at the starting point.
  2. The item codes will be sent via email / phone / relevant homepages.We suggest all members fill in all the information so as to receive all news from us.
VIP Party:
To thank VIP members’ support and to socialize each other, we will hold VIP parties irregularly. Coming soon!